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Durability meets design

Compact Laminate

High performance HPS Compact Laminate is exceptionally durable with a density of >1350 kg/m3 and can be ideally used in areas subject to intensive use.

Exceptionally durable

HPS Compact Laminate is a solid, robust (density ≥1350 kg/m3) and double-sided color decorative building material manufactured under European norms EN438. It consists of multiple layers of phenolic resin impregnated kraft papers and melamine resin impregnated décor papers, which are set together and pressed under high heat and high temperature. HPS Compact Laminate is durable, self-supporting and moistureresistant, which can be ideally used in areas subject to intensive use. HPS Compact Laminate are designed for INTERIOR, EXTERIOR and LABORATORY applications. The interior collection includes MULTIFUNCTIONAL COMPACT GRADE, FIRE-RATED COMPACT GRADE, and luxury CLEANTOP with special feature of ANTI-FINGERPRINT. LABENCH worktop and EXTERIOR facade are exclusive employment of HPS Compact Laminate Professional.

Compact Laminate