The HPS Group offers 25 years of Know-How in working with global markets, having experience with its legal and cultural differences. In all bases there are domestic and experienced marketing and sales specialists directly on site. Now also in CHINA

Global Marketing

The HPS group operates in the respective target countries as supportive, external marketing and distribution arm. With our services on the target markets our client has quasi an "own foreign subsidiary" without risks and without an increase in fixed costs.

Our clients use our experience, human resources and world-wide contacts to advance their business on the international market intensively and professionally.

The HPS group offers the full marketing spectrum, ranging from extensive market research through the development of market-oriented marketing strategies right up to the use of vendors, who attract potential customers and serve existing clients locally.

Order-related market development

In close coordination with our clients, we operate in the export market on their behalf. Based on the specifications of our customers, on the result of market evaluation and on the developed marketing strategy, we act as our clients´ own sales office. The exact extent and duration of our activities will be defined jointly.


HPS provides its customers with a neutral (not subjective) and extensive reporting, which reflects the activities in detail and demonstrates the efficiency of our service line, in weekly or monthly intervals.

No long-binding contracts

The service GLOBAL MARKETING is charged at hourly rates and visible expenses. As we are sure that we can rely on the high quality of our services, we do not need long-binding contract. Our clients can change the scope and time frame of the joint project at any time, suspend the project for some time, or quit.

•  Market Evaluation by HPS staff on site

•  Development of marketing strategy by HPS

•  Implementation / sale by local HPS employees

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