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Why Global Marketing

Our world is becoming more and more fast-moving as well as your customers. Your customers of today may tomorrow be already the customers of the competition. Where today the traditional home market is still sufficient, it is perhaps not tomorrow, because e.g. political, legal and economic framework have changed.

However, at the same time our world is getting smaller and smaller. Due to high speed and low cost communications and logistics resources, it is also possible for small and middle-sized companies to operate globally without big Budget.

There are some world markets e. g. CHINA with high growth rates. Why should you not make use of this potentials? Should there be a lack of know-how, human resources or the necessary contacts, GLOBAL MARKETING of HPS is your chance.

Why would e.g. the Chinese market be of interest to you?

•  Millions of consumers with "EU purchasing power level"

  Millions of consumers geographically close to each other

    (e. g. more than 40 million people in shanghai)

  One language to reach everybody

  Chinese love products from Europe

  Chinese prefer originals instead of copies

•  For both, environmental and production Technologies, European

    leaders in Technologies have the best opportunities

 Let us talk about possibilities of co-operation:

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